An impatient kid causes chaos when he hits the ‘Wait’ button one time too many.

Shortlisted at Virgin Media Shorts Awards 2013
Audience award winner at Write Shoot Cut: Two Minutes Silence Short Film Competition 2013

Written, directed, edited and filmed by Ian Bucknole


severed dreams

A young boy carries his robot friend into adulthood and finds he would rather put away childish things.

Winner of the Best Cornish Short Award, Cornwall Film Festival 2011

Directed and edited by Ian Bucknole

Music by Ruarri Joseph


new france

Promo for legendary dance act Orbital featuring a runaway plush lion’s night on the town.

Directed and edited by Ian Bucknole

Music by Orbital


madame lucinda’s wonder show

Promo for Rogue Theatre’s ‘Madame Lucinda’s Wonder Show’ 2014

Directed and edited by Ian Bucknole



Promo for Clerke and Joy’s ‘Volcano’ theatre show.

Filmed and edited by Ian Bucknole


genie in a bottle

To me, the art of being able to play a guitar and sing with the dexterity of John Smith might as well be magic. This video was
achieved all in camera and is all one continuous take. It won an award at the DSLRcinema.com festival, ‘One Shot, One Kill.’

Directed and edited by Ian Bucknole

Music by John Smith


neon nightmare

This prom plays with darkness and light. Stark black and white photography explores shadowy nightmares that permeate into
reality. Shallow focus allows dancers to move like ink in water. This was my second video collaboration with Rosie Vanier.

Directed, edited and shot by Ian Bucknole

Music by Rosie Vanier


orchard for an apple

My first video for Ruarri Joseph. This is essentially a live video that focuses on the close relationships formed by the band along the way, shown in recurring images of a journey. This first single from the album ‘Shoulder to the Wheel’ was well-received and had a lot of airplay on BBC Radio 2.

Directed, edited and shot by Ian Bucknole

Music by Ruarri Joseph


the dancer and the devil

Set in a speakeasy in a country smothered by war, ‘The Dancer and The Devil’ presents a cabaret of the displaced, those who have had to hide and run away from their past lives with hastily packed cases bursting with secrets and stories.

This was my second collaboration with Rogue Theatre after their fabulous work on the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ promo.

Directed, edited and shot by Ian Bucknole


skint : the musical

A kitchen-sink musical with high energy song and dance numbers set in Cornwall at the end of the busy summer season. This is the winner of the Govyn Kernewek 2010 award, which allows filmmakers a budget of £5000 to make a film using the Cornish language


surfing tommies

short promo for bishbashbosh production surfing tommies



A student film shot on super 16mm in 2005. The film looks at the fallout of a government initiative to ban sugar and junk food in Britain.